2x – 20x Magnifier Flex Neck Desk Lamp (Blue)

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2x – 20x Magnifier Flex Neck Desk Lamp (Blue)

Easily look at objects without straining your eyes with this Magnifier Desk Lamp!

It’s equipped with an ultra-bright circular Florescent lamp and a 2x – 20x magnifying glass lens that is ideal for art, hobby and other small projects. The JK-RL01 features a bendable goose-neck that can be adjusted to any position for optimal reading or detailed work!

Enjoy a bright light plus magnification with the JK-RL01 Magnifier Desk Lamp!

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Brandon J. Osborn "brandog" says:

20X spot is tiny – but, I don’t see well to begin with. 0

jill melton says:

Ty 0

Laura Shelton Thykeson "Laura Shelton Thykeson" says:

LOvE this thing! Great for art and craft projects! 0

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