High Quality

…..This is a High Quality, Handmade Jewelry Box – not some cheap foreign imported thing that will arrive broken, scratched, marred or smelling of chemicals.

Solid Sturdy Construction – It will not Fall Apart

…..It is designed and built to last a life time, it will not fall apart after a few days, weeks or months like many of our competitors imported products.

This is an Original work of Art – No two are the same.

…..If you put 100 or 1,000 of the same design next to each other, each one would be different from all of the others. This is because each wood shown has its own unique wood grain pattern and color.

Product Details

Approximate Dimensions:

- Exterior: 4 x 5.25 x 1.5 Inches

- Interior: 3.4×4.9 x 0.7 Inches

Inside Finish:

- Bottom is Black Velvet, Inside walls are lacquer finished.


- Environmentally Friendly Rubberwood [mature plantation trees that are no longer able to produce latex] with a lacquer finish.

What our Customers Say:

…..MarqART is Amazing!…..I am Proud to give as a gift…..Best Quality out there…..Friendly Customer Service…..I will Buy Another one.

We Stand behind Our Work

…..We are not some large, faceless corporation. We are a small family run Colorado business. We are proud of our work and we stand behind it.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed – or Your Money Back!

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Product Features

  • Unmatched Quality. . . . . . Sturdy Construction. . . . . . Designed and Built to last a Life Time.
  • An Original work of Art. . . . . . No two are the same. . . . . . Handmade in the USA. . . . . . Not some cheap foreign import . . . . . . Protecting the Environment by using Sustainable Forest Resources.
  • We are a small, family run business. We are proud of our work & we stand behind it.
  • ========================================================================================================== Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed – or Your Money Back! . . . . . . On SALE for a limited time – ORDER NOW ==========================================================================================================
  • Butterfly, Butterflies. Use to store a Monarch Butterfly necklace or ring or as a decoration in your living room for butterfly pictures or stickers. This Unique Wood Jewelry Box is a great travel case for your gold, silver, diamond, pearl, platinum or titanium jewelry. Ideal for storing earrings be they linked, hoop, stud, horseshoe, clip on, silver free earrings / cuffs or just use as a trinket box for toys & coins. Although, it is not a music or musical box, it is a nice armoire to put rings (be they engagement, wedding or couple rings). Due to our many designs it is used for many types of jewelry – American Indian, Forever 21, Jane Seymore, Harley Davidson, antique, animal, horoscope & motherhood jewelry to name a few. A watch box, for fine jewelry watches. This is not a jewelry stand or tree but it is good for bracelets and other valuables. Use it as a unique way to save your gift cards from these merchants: Walmart, Sears, Restaurants, Netflix, Home Depot, Fox News, Amazon, Southwest airlines, Target, Best Buy, PayPal, Hulu, JCPenny, Visa, Mastercard Gift & credit cards. Use it to store jewelry purchased from qvc, etsy, j crew, Disney or where ever your heart desires. Makes a unique gift for men, women, girls, teens, mom / mothers, dad /fathers, boys, kids, him and her – A special gift for best friends, couples, baby, the realtor, firefighters, really a great gift for one & all. A top gift in 2013 & really any year. A wonderful surprise for Mothers day & Fathers day, use as a pregnancy gift, it will last longer than roses. Small enough to fit in gift baskets – a fun but not funny, personalized wooden gift that will be cherished and remembered for years to come. Marquetry, a craft that has been handed down through generations & is now available at a reasonable, some would say a cheap price