Facebook relaxes News Feed ad frequency limits

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Facebook relaxes News Feed ad frequency limits

Facebook is constantly trying to balance user experience with marketing potential in its News Feed. Upcoming changes to the News Feed will alter the frequency with which users see a certain ad.

As first reported by Digiday , Facebook is loosening restrictions on ad frequency within its marquee product. An email sent from Facebook to advertising agencies illustrates three key changes:

A Facebook spokesperson told Inside Facebook that this will not mean that users see more ads in News Feed :

This does not change ad load. We will not show more ads; rather, we are updating the spacing between ads, and relaxing some of the parameters around insertions of ads from the same advertiser.

OMD Chief Digital Officer Ben Winkler talked with Digiday, shedding some light on what this means for the Facebook ad ecosystem moving forward:

These changes raise the stakes. Advertisers who send out high-quality, relevant messages will benefit. Those who don’t, will do so at their own peril. People like great content, regardless of the source. But they have zero tolerance for one bad ad, let alone two.

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