GREAT NEWS – THE GVMATE DOES NOT USE XMPP SIGNALLING AND IS UNAFFECTED BY GOOGLE’S MAY 2014 XMPP RETIREMENT PLANS. The professional GVMate VoIP Phone Adapter developed by PCPhoneSoft includes everything you need to link a regular phone and its keypad to Google Voice to provide a featured landline style calling experience including 20+ advanced features and optional real E911 emergency calling and CNAM national LIDB database caller name lookup services. To start placing free US/Canada phone calls just plug the GVMate Phone Adapter into your computer (Windows XP/Vista/7/8 – min. spec. 2Ghz CPU + 2GB RAM), install the GVMateApp included with your purchase and sign in using any Gmail e-mail account.

Google Voice continues to offer FREE U.S. phone numbers, FREE U.S./Canada long distance calling, FREE texting, FREE voice mail and FREE call forwarding to U.S. Gmail account holders. To users in most other countries worldwide, Google Voice service is available and offers some of the lowest international calling rates in the industry. In addition, all users can place FREE worldwide user to user calls to any smartphone or computer user that also uses Google+ Hangouts.

Just pick up your phone and dial the number you wish to call using your phone keypad for outgoing calls and answer your phone when it rings for incoming calls. If you prefer, you may also quickly place calls using your Gmail contacts list. You can also program your Google Voice account to ring your “GVMate” phone and mobile phone at the same time allowing it to behave like a free extension of your mobile phone service to use in your home or office without signal strength issues or using up valuable minutes.

The GVMate Phone Adapter also lets you use your regular phone for talking with online voice/video chat services like Skype. The GVMate Phone Adapter comes well packed and shipped in bulk wholesale format.

Product Features

  • Free Phone Service Using Google Voice :: FREE Phone Number – FREE US/Canada Calls – FREE Voice Mail – FREE Call Forwarding
  • Fully Featured Landline Style Calling Experience Including 20+ Advanced Features PLUS Optional Real E911 Emergency Calling and CNAM National LIDB Database Caller Name Lookup Service
  • To Setup Just Plug Into Your Computer (Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Only – min. spec. 2Ghz CPU + 2GB RAM), Install the GVMateApp Included With Your Purchase and Sign In Using Any Gmail Email Account To Start Placing FREE US/Canada Phone Calls Using Any Regular Telephone
  • Advanced Features Include 7 Digit Dialing, Caller ID with Name/Location, Talking Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voice Mail Waiting Indication, Call Forwarding, Black/White List Call Screening, Do Not Disturb, Anonymous Call Blocking, Call Blocking, Gmail Contacts Integration, Contacts Importing, Simultaneous Mobile Phone Ringing, SMS Text Messaging To/From Mobile Phone, Automatic Voice Mail To Text Translation, Voice Mail To Email Forwarding, Call History, Multiple User Conference Calling. You May Also Use Your Phone For Talking On Skype.