Admittedly inspired by the 1990 movie Dances with Wolves starring Kevin Costner, vodka brand Eristoff lets its Facebook fans howl with the wolves.

Can you make a real wolf howl? Eristoff, the vodka from the land with wolves challenged their nightwolves (Facebook fans) in a stunning way.

Discover how Eristoff facilitates its fans by using internet technology in a very clever way.

Eristoff: Facebook Fans Are Howling with Real Wolves

Eristoff gave its fans the chance to prove they were real nightwolves. How? By howling live with real wolves via their webcam.

Click here to view the embedded video.

19 fans succeeded at making the wolves howl back at them. Winners got 4 tickets for I Love Techno in the city of Ghent, Belgium.

My Opinion

Too often brands are penetrating social media in intrusive, interruptive and pushy ways. CMOs often bet on short memories and the “healing power” of advertising dollars, commercials and discounts.

Basically I am convinced that CMOs have placed themselves outside their community of fans, loyalists and ambassadors, forgetting who we are and why we belong. But not Eristoff.

Being a retired creative strategic planner, I must give extra credits for the use of the insights. Superb in several ways, and really respecting the community of fans:

Eristoff is the vodka brand ‘from the land of the wolf’. They’ve used the wolf as a main symbol for their brand image and in their communication, and this for many years.

Their fanbase – young people from 18 until 30 years old – are called the Eristoff nightwolves. It’s not hard to image the similarities between the mystic wolf that wanders through the night, and the energetic youngsters that go out during the night.

But who is a real Eristoff nightwolf and who’s not? They thought the best ones that could judge this are in fact real wolves.

Wolves howl to assemble their pack and to recognise their pack members. So that’s why we let the so called Eristoff nightwolves howl to the wolves, and if the real wolves howled back they were accepted in the pack.

My conclusion? Two thumbs up and a long auoooooeeeeeee for Eristoff and its agency Happiness Brussels.

See the Facebook page Join the Pack.

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