How To Add Facebook Tracking Pixels To Your WordPress Site – Cool Tool

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How To Add Facebook Tracking Pixels To Your WordPress Site – Cool Tool

Facebook tracking pixels are a must if you sell either a product or service online. Once you set them up you can optimise your ads to be shown to people who take a specific action on your website. For example did they add something to a shopping basket? Did they sign up for your newsletter?

They are however quite hard to set up as you need to add the tracking code to a specific page on your website. If you are using WordPress and self hosting your website this weeks cool tool ‘Facebook Pixel Conversions for WordPress’ makes it easy to add this code.

What is a tracking pixel?

There are two types of Facebook tracking pixel:

Facebook website audience pixel

This is an easy pixel to install, you just add the code to the section of your website and Facebook will start tracking the people who visit your website so that you can target an advert at them. You can add this to WordPress by editing the ‘header’ file. You do not require the plugin for this sort of pixel.

Facebook conversion tracking pixel

Here’s a video I made earlier in the year showing you how to create a tracking pixel

This is the most valuable pixel. This is the one that will drive conversions via ads to your site. Sadly it’s slightly harder to install, the code needs to be added to an individual post or page of your site and there is only one ‘header’ file.

How to install Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixels to WordPress

What page should you install your Facebook tracking pixel to?

When you set up a Facebook ad using your Tracking pixel it will be optimised to be shown to people who have in the past taken a specific action when following a pixel.

You can set up a pixel for the following goals:

If you want to measure the success of your pixel accurately you will need to install the pixel on the correct page. For example if your goal is ‘Leads’ and you want people to fill out a specific form on your page you should install the pixel to the ‘Thank you’ page that people reach after completing the form.

Your Turn

Have you used Facebook tracking pixels? Have you seen success? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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