Kombucha Kamp Genuine KOMBUCHA CULTURE (1 Lrg SCOBY + 1 Cup Strong STARTER LIQUID – Makes 1 Gallon)

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Kombucha Kamp Genuine KOMBUCHA CULTURE (1 Lrg SCOBY + 1 Cup Strong STARTER LIQUID – Makes 1 Gallon)

GENUINE KOMBUCHA KAMP KOMBUCHA CULTURE (1 Large SCOBY plus 1 Cup Strong Starter Liquid – Makes 1 Gallon) – ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES! Counterfeit sellers (even here on Amazon) claim to offer Kombucha Kamp SCOBY Cultures, but they cannot as KKAMP SCOBYs are the highest quality starter you can buy to make fresh Kombucha at home for about ten cents a glass. KKamp SCOBYs are guaranteed to brew and provide superior flavor and brewing development over competitors. Not all SCOBYs are created equal. There are many low quality SCOBYs being sold. WARNING: Don’t be tricked into ordering these types of inferior cultures: dehydrated (requires 30 days to brew), pint sized cultures (weak brew, slow brew), or even test tube cultures (mold). Your brand new KKamp SCOBY Culture is full sized (5-6″ across) and shipped with over a cup of strong starter liquid and healthy yeast strands. Not only that, KKamp SCOBYs are raised on 100% Organic and Fair Trade Ingredients for maximum health of the culture and you! Even if you’ve been brewing for years, you will be surprised and excited by the flavor of your new Kombucha with this healthy culture. Each Culture makes 1 gallon of delicious, sparkling Kombucha and will reproduce to create a lifetime of Kombucha if properly cared for. This package ships via USPS Priority Mail Service.

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Ingrid says:

HUGE scoby, amazingly informative seller. After doing a bunch of online research, and listening to a bunch of kombucha podcasts, I decided Kombucha Kamp is the producer tht I wanted my culture from. I intended to buy one of Kombucha Kamp’s scobys so, I looked on Amazon. What I found was people pretending to be them and selling little scoby’s, and who know what conditions they are produced under. (And what else might have fallen into the mix they would send you … ewww!) I reported the fakers and Kombucha Kamp sent me a scoby as a…

Veronica says:

I am now a Kombucha lover !! 0

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