Many of us older folks know the brand @Pendaflex. The giant in file folders and everything organizational for the office. Some of the younger readers may not be aware of the brand, as the world has become more and more digital. The company is changing that by using social media in unique ways to reach the younger audience.

Pendaflex is diving deep into the social network space, boasting some 73,000 fanpage likes, an active Twitter account and YouTube channel. The company is taking that further today by launching a unique facebook app utility that will no doubt deliver some value and advantages to the younger market. Last week I was given early access to the application and some insight on its functionality and strategy.

Today, Pendaflex will be launching its app called Tag Tamer, that can be accessed from the company’s fanpage. The custom Facebook app enables you to easily locate all the photos on Facebook that you have been tagged in. You can search by person, month and year, or even ALL images with your tag. The application will display the images you are tagged in that match your search criteria and enable you to open the images and remove the tag, or just remove it from your timeline. Though I don’t, many younger folks that are seeking employment etc. have a few pics they were tagged in that they may not want a perspective employer or others to see. Tag Tamer makes it easy to find them before someone you don’t want to see them does.

I think Pendaflex is being incredibly smart here. The younger generations that are not as familiar with their brand and products are being provided a great utility that provides value and at the same time connects them with Pendaflex. Very smart and very innovative use of their fanpage.

Be sure that you or your clients brand knows their audience and what they would find valuable. Deliver value without pitching your products and they will be far more open to building a relationship and buying what you sell. Creativity and uniqueness goes a long way in social media marketing. Kudos to Pendaflex and their team for nailing a strategy and delivering value to their intended audience!

Robert M. Caruso
Founder/CEO – Bundle Post