Picky Sticky Baby Photo Monthly Onesie Stickers (Mister Fister)

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Picky Sticky Baby Photo Monthly Onesie Stickers (Mister Fister)

Babies grow so quicky. Capture each special month by sticking a Picky Sticky decal to a onesie or t-shirt, take a picture and cherish the memories of each miraculous month.

Each sticker is 4″ in diameter and is made of transparent sticky paper. When it is applied it LOOKS like it is part of the T-shirt.

Add photos to your Facebook or blog to creatively update friends and family on your baby’s growth and milestones.

Use your creative genius with the photos and create portraits, calendars, or collages for family and friends.

Makes a perfect baby shower gift!

Place the montly onesie sticker on your baby’s onesie or T-shirt each month on their birthday, starting with their birth. Then grab your camera and take a picture to start documenting how quickly they grow. This is an easy, fun way to keep an exciting record of your little one.

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