Prestige Import Group Chalet Glass Top Humidor

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Prestige Import Group Chalet Glass Top Humidor

Looking for a spanish cedar lined glass top humidor that wont break the bank? The Chalet Glasstop is the perfect choice! This humidor features a handsome cherry finish, a see through glass top, an adjustable divider along with a round humidifier and external hygrometer. Throw in the fact that the Chalet has the capacity to store between 25-50 cigars and you have yourself a humidor that’s a fantastic value! Cigars shown for display purposes only and are not included.

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Kevin Schepler says:

Decent, if all you smoke is comperable to Black and Milds… I was lookin for my first humidor when I stumbled on this. While it is affordable it really doesn’t do a good job of preserving the cigars. After I talked it over with my local cigar shop owner I realized two things, cheap, thin glass lets moisture escape and the seals on the lid are garbage. I will say that it is cedar, but that’s about its only saving grace. If you only smoke $5 cigars, then I guess this is an alright choice. But when you get into the upper price range as far as your palat…

Donald Smith says:

Prestige Import Group Chalet Glass Top Humidor 0

J says:

Poor Quality Humidor I bought this humidor about a year and a half ago (directly through the website). I could never get it to maintain the proper humidity, and it is very poorly constructed (I’ll detail below). Bottom line do not buy this.Last night, I finally decided to try to fix my humidor. I have a little bit of woodworking experience and I figured that there might be an easy solution. First I removed the bottom cloth, and revealed particle board that definitely had water damage. I had assumed…

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