Spinning Hat Like Foam Hand

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Spinning Hat Like Foam Hand

Social networking sites are on the tip of everyone’s tongue online, but when you’re away from your computer do you miss those familiar colours and clickable buttons? This lovingly created giant Like Foam Hand ensures that social networking icons can be taken with you wherever you go in the real, live world. Want to ‘like’ a football game, a specific pub or place? Get a snap of yourself ‘liking’, set as profile pictures and watch the virtual ‘likes’ roll in; go 360 on your social networking.

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PL Kyle says:

This foam “Like” hand completes me. Good product, fun for parties. Works just like you would expect. It’s not cheaply made or anything, it’s held up through many beer spills and stuff.On a side note, this product helps me pick up lots of girls at parties. I totally bust into their conversation and say “Excuse me miss.. excuse me… I just wanted to say, uh… I just wanted to say, I ‘LIKE’ your rockin’ body!” and when I say “LIKE”, I shove this foam hand right into the middle of the…

S. Domino says:

Fun product 0

Hunter Farley says:

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