Sure Heat BRO24NG Sure Heat Burnt River Oak Vented Gas Log Set, 24-Inch, Natural Gas

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Sure Heat BRO24NG Sure Heat Burnt River Oak Vented Gas Log Set, 24-Inch, Natural Gas

Sure Heat Gas Logs provide a realistic, natural roaring fire for a beautiful ambiance in your home. Our 24″ Burnt River Oak log set is not only simple to function and maintain, it’s also environmentally friendly. With no ash, no wood and no hassle you’ll quickly forget the inconvenient days of burning real wood. Our set contains a manual controlled valve system and is built to work in a vented environment with the standard natural gas fuel supply in your home. This beautifully designed unit uses an innovative U-shaped dual burner to provide a superior and very realistic dancing flame pattern. These golden flames are surrounded by eight highly detailed, hand painted refractory cement logs traditionally stacked on a tiered grate; which realistically recreates the look of a mature fire. Our 24″ Burnt River Oak log set is built to fit in any fireplace with minimum measurements of 32″ front width, 15″ depth and 24″ back width. Specs include: 60,000 BTU’s with 12-percent efficiency. This unit requires a working flue.

Important: Regulations for installation and use may vary by region.  Please review your local codes as they apply to vented and unvented appliances.  In absence of local codes, follow The National Fuel Gas Code ANSIZ223.1/NFPA 54

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Ralph Wiggum says:

Everyone was impressed I ordered this set to finally complete my fireplace and have something going while I hosted a Christmas party. Some of the logs were broken, but not badly enough to not use. There were actually way more logs than I needed, so I have half of them sitting in my garage! Installation was easy and the instructions for hooking it up were easy to follow. That steel ember stuff that it comes with looks great! Overall everyone, including myself, were very impressed with the finished product.. especially…

GO "Beavs!!!" says:

Great for the price, but gas is loud… and flames not as pictured Like others have said, it is a great set for the price and does the job. The glowing ember material at the bottom is pretty. Overall, very happy. It doesn’t put out too much heat, as it’s all going up the chimney, but I got it for looks, so not a problem. Just beware if you think you’re going to get heat out of this.Pros: easy to setup, looks good, the ‘steel wool’ glowing ember stuff really does glow like embers and looks great. They provide way more ember and sand than needed. I…

mike "jmb" says:

Nice kit. Comes with all you will need unless you need a flexible line. Does have a supply line that will need to be bent as needed.either fill with sand or bend carefully and slowly. Has a basic shut off valve that will regulate the gas flow. Mine is in the firebox and it is able to get to with out burning yourself.I think it comes with too many logs.. It also came with four broken logs,which were replaced easily and I do not think I will use them. The broken ones fit in nicely.Very nice kit, and…

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